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Consultancy for large scale retailers:

SCOOTER started its activity in the 1990s in Turin to support the first franchisees by providing them with a specific accounting service for the large-scale retail sector. The founding members were expert managers in the fields of administration, finance and control area.

The first customers were commercial activities of Turin and Piedmont, more specifically small “neighborhood” supermarkets, of the historical brand DìperDì, then managed by the Garosci group. The quality of the services provided derives from the right mix represented by a management expert in accounting management and in its consequence on commercial management, assisted by the use of advanced and constantly updated IT technologies.

The expansion of consulting activities to the rest of Italy was the natural consequence of a progressive growth of the franchising structure.

Our customers represent realities at local level, present on most of the national territory.

Today, over twenty years since the company’s birth, over 150 companies affiliated to large-scale retail chains are supported. The focus is on consulting through the development of management control, as a derivation of the general accounting, to provide the entrepreneur with tools to support decisions, certified by the results of the financial statements.

Our Mission:

“Enabling the healthy and conscious growth of companies operating in a particular area of ​​commerce: franchising distribution, keeping the franchisee informed and aware of the economic and financial consequences of their management decisions”


Why choose us

Because SCOOTER has over twenty years of experience in the distribution sector which helps the entrepreneurs eager to understand and control the effects of management decisions in a short time.

Because SCOOTER assists the franchisee in avoiding “in the dark” or “in mind” management and “year-end surprises”, as each company is a complex system that must be managed with detailed and timely information.

Because SCOOTER helps its customers to make “early” choices, with the suffrage of clear and analytical figures, more timely than those conditional on tax or statutory deadlines.


Our method



The first and fundamental step is listening to the needs and experiences of the customer. Only in this way can we deepen the information emerging from the analysis of the balance sheet and understand in which areas we need to intervene and make changes to create value.



We then proceed with defining an ad hoc strategy for the client on the basis of a 360 ° analysis, comparing our past and successful experiences and importing them in the specific case with the appropriate adaptations and the appropriate corrective actions.



Following our in-depth customer analysis we are finally able to offer customized solutions, like a tailor-made suit, aimed at expanding its market share and its business.

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